A single reference for the management of each stage of your special supply:

from design to production, logistics to implementation.


Customer’s project

You design and we manufacture: this is what we do. We have been cooperating with contractor, designers and architectural firms for a very long time, sharing a constant professional learning path. our technical office and our R&D units are at your complete disposal in order to support your creativity, always respecting the originality of the design, trying to guarantee, with team work, an added value to the final result.


Preliminary technical analysis

We take care of your ideas and designs and together we examine and study them, we analyze the technical and manufacturing issues, point out any potential issues, and suggest proper budgeting solutions.


Analytical cost quotation

We well know the values of transparency and clarity, therefore we apply them when making price quotations which are consequently detailed and understandable and every single element of the project is dimensioned. Both terms of payment and shipment fees are detailed.


We engineer your ideas

We realize the shop drawings of every single element of the order, based on the technical details of the designer. Jointly, we study precise solutions, pointing out anomalies or improvements, always keeping in mind your design and being aware of the importance of every detail.


Check of the shop drawings

Before starting manufacturing, every technical drawing is shared, discussed with the customers and can be redrawn with the designer. Being aware of the importance of detail, we deeply want to understand your original idea, in order to manufacture exactly what you designed.


Manufacturing supervision and respect of deadlines

ICN manages all the phases of the supply chain, coordinating in-house and external suppliers, always keeping the stakeholders of the project updated, to ensure cost and quality. The ICN’s project managers are also in charge of delivery times and quality of the supply and maintain contact with their technical chief-site. Production engineers and skilled craftsmen transform and assemble every kind of material to create original and exclusive furniture.


Quality control

The quality control phase has a key importance in our organization: before shipping we double check all the elements, retracing and testing every detail in order to guarantee top quality.


Shipment and installation

Our shipments respect the rules of secure packaging. all our orders are shipped in protected wooden crates that guarantee the integrity of even the most fragile material. the installation phase is executed by specialized and experienced teams led by ICN’s project manager, who communicates with the engineers and the local general contractor. once the installation phase is completed, the installation manager interviews the designer and together they fill in an assessment paper, in order to verify the order.


Post sales service

ICN is based in Doha so we can guaranty, in short time, an efficient post-sale service can assure the perfect functionality of the supplies over time.


This approach makes it possible to realize projects that are completely different the one from the other: from small or medium supply, to big residence, with a personalized solution for any single unit. First of all supplies services: from the project to every step of the realization, the idea of “problem solving” is a priority in the relationship with the customer.