Special FinishingS

The issue of customisation and exclusivity of supplies is of the highest value to us.

Guaranteeing pieces that are unique and unrepeatable is our main objective.

The furniture district (Brianza), where our Italian headquarters is located, represents in this sense, a resource of ideas and innovative solutions unique to it’s industry.
Natural materials such as wood, cork fabrics etc. etc. can, thanks to special techniques of
craftsmanship, take on metal finishes of bronze, copper, steel and more,

with no limits to creativity.
This is not just paint work, but a coating of liquid metals (COATINGS OF METAL REPORTING
OF LIQUID METAL) that can have various types of finishes: WITH ACID, WITH CLOTH, COATED, OXIDISED, SHINING, SCRATCHED. Thus obtaining unique and unrepeatable finishes and effects.